Integrated Platform 
for Earth Exploration

Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today's multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration. Access all your data and a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools, within one dynamic, 3D exploration environment. Process, map, QA and interpret your ground and airborne survey geophysics, geochemistry and geology.

Geophysical Data: Now What?

Are you thinking of embarking on a geophysical survey? Want to do more with your data provided by your geophysical contractors? In this webinar we will demostrate a typical workflow for working with geophysical data as part of grassroots or brownfield projects.

Geophysical Data Now what Webinar

Watch this video to learn about how to:

  • Easily import and work with data from small ground based surveys to large airborne projects.
  • Visualize your geophysical data using industry standard formats.
  • Integrate the geophysical data with other earth science data (geological, geochemical, drillhole, etc).
  • Optimize the understanding of your geophysical data through applying advanced filters and other analysis tools to your data. 
  • Add powerful 2D and 3D visualization and specialized data modeling, compilation and interpretation functionality to your projects.

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With Oasis montaj, you can:

  • Produce Professional Maps: Easily create maps to share, integrate data and use in presentations to management and investors. 
  • Perform Subsurface 3D Visualisation: The full integration of 3D capabilities simplifies viewing, manipulation and analysis of all your data including: geology, geochemistry, and geophysics data.
  • Work with High-Performance Database: Efficient storage for very large geoscientific datasets ensuring access and usability throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Apply Dynamic Data Linking: Click on a point on a map and immediately see the exact data point within the the database, profile, graph or data view.
  • Enjoy Fast Data Processing: Rapidly assess and experiment with data in real-time running numerous filters and processes on data with ease.
  • Perform Advanced Gridding: Gridding algorithms with Oasis montaj are fast, efficient and optimised for large-volume geoscientific data. Interpolate data to produce grids, using minimum curvature, bi-directional, trended, gradient, tinning or kriging gridding routines.
  • Completely integrate with Esri software: Esri technology is built in to ensure the seamless creation, viewing and sharing of ArcGIS MXD and Geosoft Map files between Geosoft and ArcGIS users.
  • Use Built-In Search Technology: Find, display and extract geospatial data from a variety of data servers for complete investigation and informed decision making.
  • Catalogue Spatial Data: Geosoft Desktop Cataloger builds a catalogue of all spatial data files from local drives allowing you to easily find the data from within Geosoft environment.
  • Experience Seamless Interoperability: Import and work with more than 50 supported data types and formats including CAD, GIS, mine planning and modelling formats.Work with Unicode multi-language files: Display foreign-language character sets within your application environments and print to maps.

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Teck Cominco looks to future with new global exploration technology strategy

When Teck Cominco looked into making changes to their exploration technology, they quickly recognized that technology had already changed every aspect of how they collected, analyzed and shared their data for the purpose of exploration and making new discoveries. Everything from data collection and observations in the field to the style of notations was being dictated by how they anticipated using and integrating that data within their GIS system. And yet, like most mining companies, they didn’t have a global plan or strategy for how they used technology as part of their exploration workflow. Development of this strategy became a focal point for their newly formed Exploration Technology group established in January, 2006. 

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