The TGDG is pleased to welcome Dr. John F. H. Thompson, this year’s SEG Distinguished Lecturer to Toronto. Dr. Thompson, currently based at Cornell University, has industry experience with BP Minerals Group (Rio Tinto) and with Teck, first as Chief Geoscientist and then Vice President Technology and Development. The programs includes a keynote presentation by Dr. Thompson and presentations on the state of innovation and adoption rates by the following speakers representing different aspects of the industry:

Lynda Bloom (Analytical Solutions Ltd., Symposium leader)
Introduction: Does the exploration industry innovate? A look at 30 years of change
John F.H. Thompson (Cornell University, SEG Distinguished Lecturer)
KEYNOTE: Changing world - changing exploration
Carl Weatherell (Canada Mining Innovation Council, ED & CEO)
Collaboration: The key to fundamentally transforming the minerals sector
Francois Robert (Barrick Gold Corp.) 
Innovation and exploration
Harold Gibson (MERC, Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University)
Metal Earth: An integrated 4D Metallogenic study of our Earth
Oy Leuangthong (SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.)
Resource modelling: The next frontier for innovation
Jean Legault (Geotech Ltd., Chief Geophysicist, Interpretation)
ZTEM: Tracing its development from design innovation to discovery tool

TGDG Mini-Symposium: Innovation and Change in Mineral Exploration

Thursday, November 24, 2016 | 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Toronto EST(GMT - 5 Hours)

TGDG is pleased to present this mini-symposium featuring a variety of exciting talks from industry leaders. Geosoft is the technology sponsor for the online portion of this event.

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