In the mining industry, the uptake of Mineral Resource Estimation methods is dependant on practicality, incorporation of commercial software, education/training and school of thought. The talk explores popular methodologies and trends in the industry, delving into some of the more controversial resource estimation topics including:

  • The advent of implicit modeling: Traditional geological constraints versus computer aided modeling
  • Optimization of modeling parameters: The various biases in resource estimation
  • Linear versus non-linear estimation: The North America-Australia divide

TGDG Presents - Temporal and Geographical Trends in Resource Estimation

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
4:00-5:00 PM EST | Show in my time zone

Sean Horan is a Principal Geologist/Geostatistician at RPA with a specific interest in geology, Resource Estimation and Geostatistics, hence the double-barreled title, geology first, then geostats. Originally from South Africa, the cradle of humankind and Kriging...Read More

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